Savvy communications executives understand the benefits of a successful speaking program
About Us
"The team at S3 have been great partners. The extensive knowledge they have of the conference and trade show industry coupled with their professional contacts has proven invaluable to the success of IBM's executive visibility program. Without them we would have needed an in-house department to do what they do so well. S3 delivers tangible results, fully integrated with my marketing-communications program, with minimal project management. "
- Marketing Manager, IBM Global Business Services

Benefits to Your Company

S3's clients have enjoyed many benefits from the executive visibility programs that we've built including:

  • Free Advertising – High level speaking venues often result in thousands of dollars of “free” advertising for each executive speaker at each event.
  • Conference Sponsorship Savings – By placing our clients as speakers, S3 often realizes savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars per client.  Each speaking opportunity creates “buzz” for the executive and their company. Speaking establishes thought leadership and expertise, something no amount of sponsorship dollars can provide. 
  • Additional Publicity – Almost all speaking opportunities lead to interviews with traditional and social media, either onsite or post event.  
  • More Speaking Opportunities – One speaking opportunity often leads to a plethora of others.  The benefit: more visibility, more press, and more prestige for each speaker at near-zero marginal cost.
  • Brand Building – There is simply no better way to establish expertise, leadership, and reputation while communicating a company’s message to its most influential audiences.
  • High Level Networking – Top-level conferences provide prime opportunities for executives to network with industry peers, spend time with customers and showcase thought leadership. This often leads to unexpected new business development opportunities.
  • Precise Targeting – It is vital to know where an executive will deliver the most value for their company, the brand and key stakeholders when spending their time at a conference. Most companies do not have the internal capacity to proactively position their executives across a range of conference types.
  • High Density of Influence – Business leadership forums are of enormous value as they bring vital constituencies together in one room. Visibility at these events puts a face on the company, disseminates important messages tailored to the audience, and builds the profile of the organization.
  • Reaching New Audiences – Executive speaking satisfies the need for more exposure to new and different audiences in a high impact, cost-effective way.
  • Competitve Intelligence –Track, learn, and understand where your competitors are speaking and the topics they're addressing.
  • Integrated Communications – Tie speaking opportunties to customer meetings, media interviews, employee visits, recruitment, and create additional local impact.

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