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"I have had the opportunity to work S3 on numerous occasions- and each time it has been nothing but an absolute personal pleasure and a professional success. I am often in a situation where the market is demanding to hear about very specific topics that only certain executives would be qualified to address. S3 is always able to recommend speakers that are uniquely able to cover these needs, all the while making the process incredibly seamless. I would very confidently recommend them to anyone. "
- Conference Director, Institute for International Research (IIR)


In today's increasingly competitive marketplace, you need your marketing and communications dollars to work harder than ever. The goal is maximizing your return on investment.

At S3 we're committed to getting you the most for your money by doing what we do best - leveraging relationships, synthesizing resources and extending reach. S3 has built its reputation on the front lines of the conference industry and has evolved the company's services into a smart and strategic marketing communications tool. As a result, our approach is unique: securing quality speaker placements consistent with your business goals. We're after maximum impact. We research the best speaking opportunities and also evaluate the requests that come your way. Our focus is on your overall business strategy to achieve results.

Relationships are everything and we've built our business around knowing the key players in the conference and event industry--from leading business to niche industry conference organizers. They know us, and respect the way we work--no form letters or cookie-cutter strategies found here. We've earned a reputation for delivering the right opportunities to our clients, and the right people to the conferences.

We think great speaking programs work best in sync with, not instead of, your overall marketing initiatives. We will partner with your existing team of marketing and professionals to develop executive visibility programs that deliver the very messages you work so hard to create and communicate. Remember, securing speaking opportunities isn't just part of what we do, it's all we do.

Just because your budget may be limited doesn't mean your opportunities to reach the right people have to be. Speaking programs should compliment your existing communications efforts. At S3, a small investment in our services brings significant returns. The best speakers pave the way for trade and business media interviews, bylines and editorials, white papers, webcasts and more (not to mention additional speaking opportunities!). Talk about remarkable ROI.

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