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"When I program a conference, I am always looking for speakers who are of high caliber from well-respected organizations and are well-spoken experts in their field. S3 consistently offers up great candidates who are high-level, appropriate and excellent speakers. Their willingness to work with me to find just the right person has resulted in great reviews for their speakers and my conferences. They work with me both pro-actively and when I need someone yesterday. I couldn't ask for more professional, willing collaborators with whom it is a delight to work. "
- Program Director, The Conference Board

Small Businesses and E-mail, Closed-loop Lead Data and Sponsoring Conferences

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Small businesses and e-mail, closed-loop lead data and more


When sponsoring conferences, how can I save money and engage with attendees to promote my products and services?

“The majority of communications professionals are unaware of the fact that they do not have to sponsor a conference in order to secure a speaking engagement,” says Lori Zetlin, managing partner at S3 — Strategic Speaker Services Inc. “An executive visibility program is a targeted, cost-effective way to get company executives and evangelists in front of key audiences, such as press, partners, prospects, customers and analysts.”

Perseverance and creativity are needed, Zetlin says. “A speaking opportunity provides visibility for the company, while the speaker is perceived as a thought leader,” she says. Zetlin recommends selecting speakers and speaker topics that are topical, compelling, and non-commercial; enlisting clients for joint case study presentations; and spending time building relationships with conference organizers.


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