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"The people at S3 are among the most professional marketing executives I've worked with. I am delighted at the caliber of speakers they always provide me and impressed with the care and personal interest they show on behalf of their clients. They have consistently delivered the level of speaker I require to maintain the high standards of my conferences. Many companies could learn a lot about customer service based on the successful business model Jeanne Tee and Lori Zetlin created when they launched S3- Strategic Speaker Services, Inc."
- President, Digital Hollywood Productions


Lori Zetlin Rosmarin, Managing Partner & Co-founder

An entrepreneur by nature, Lori co-founded S3 in 2000 and has built a world-class organization. Lori has set S3 apart from other firms with a 100% focus on creating executive visibility campaigns for the C-Suite amongst F100 clients. Lori has represented some of the worlds most notable brands to provide communications counsel and develop strategic and integrated speaker placement programs. Lori’s vast relationships with conference producers, coupled with her many years of marketing, sales, conference, and speaking experience enables her to quickly understand a client's business and communications objectives.  

Prior to starting S3, Lori was the founding director of the speakers’ bureau for Brodeur Worldwide.  There, Lori and team designed and implemented tailored speaking programs for over thirty companies and created a new, revenue generating division for the company.  Prior to her role at Brodeur, Lori held senior management and sales and marketing positions at Hilton International Hotels, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and Fidelity Investments.  

Lori is based in South Florida.

Jeanne Tee, Co-founder 

Jeanne creates highly impactful speaker programs which enable executives to deliver their key messages to highly targeted audiences.  Able to work as effectively with senior executives of large corporations and entrepreneurial leaders of start-up companies alike, Jeanne is a walking encyclopedia of conferences and leverages her experience and insight to turn speaking opportunities into fully integrated communications vehicles that augment client marketing objectives. Throughout her 30-year career, Jeanne's efforts have helped establish executives as visionaries and thought leaders amongst their industry peers. 

Prior to founding S3, Jeanne was the program manager for the speakers’ bureau at Brodeur Worldwide where she used her keen research skills to locate and secure the best visibility opportunities for Brodeur clients.  

Jeanne is based on the West coast of Florida. 

Annemarie Wasniewski, Operations Manager  

Annemarie is essential in keeping S3’s well-oiled machine running efficiently. She handles client research and reporting to ensure deadlines are met and clients are happy.  

Annemarie brings over 35 years of experience in executive administration working across organizational levels, functions, employee and stakeholder boundaries. She has worked across a variety of industries to manage and execute high profile responsibilities to deliver timely achievement of organizational goals and objectives. 

Annemarie lives in Southern Massachusetts. 


Eric Zetlin, Managing Director

Eric excels at helping to guide the vision of S3 and create impactful connections between executive speakers and conference audiences. A product marketing expert by training, Eric has deep experience working with clients to create compelling stories that position their brands and products to adjust to dynamic market conditions. He has successfully launched over one hundred consumer and enterprise technology products, both software and hardware based, mostly for venture backed technology companies in the media and graphics industry.  Eric is a big believer in the power of the story – that of a company, a product, and especially a person. 

Eric has a Masters in Management from MIT’s Sloan School, and a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.  In his first career long ago, he designed microprocessors in the aerospace industry. 

Eric lives in Northern California.  Eric and Lori are siblings.

Sandy McMasters, Program Director    

Sandy is an experienced program director who does it all, from managing key clients, to establishing relationships with conference organizers to finding the best conferences for S3 clients. She is continually improving the company’s business systems and manages S3’s own SpeakerBase ™, the company’s global conference database.  

Sandy builds on her years of experience in the technology industry where she managed key customer and partner relationships such as Apple, Sun, HP and IBM for forward thinking companies like Juniper Networks and IDT.   

Sandy is based in Central Oregon. 

Jennifer Biggar Menard, Program Director  

Jen brings years of developing global strategic communications programs to provide strategic guidance to S3 clients that aligns executive visibility speaking programs with the organization’s overall communication goals. She works with each client to understand their unique business objectives and excels at writing speaking abstracts that distinctly positions executives as topic experts to resonate with top conference producers.  

Jen has experience managing client relationships at public relations agencies and has also held senior corporate communications roles at leading technology companies including CA Technologies, Netegrity and Sybase, where she drove all facets of the public relations and industry analyst programs.  

Jen has a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and communications from Babson College and an MBA from Bentley University. 

Jen is located just outside of Boston, MA. 


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