Position your company as an industry visionary and your executives as thought leaders
About Us
"The team at S3 have been great partners. The extensive knowledge they have of the conference and trade show industry coupled with their professional contacts has proven invaluable to the success of IBM's executive visibility program. Without them we would have needed an in-house department to do what they do so well. S3 delivers tangible results, fully integrated with my marketing-communications program, with minimal project management. "
- Marketing Manager, IBM Global Business Services

What We Do

Establishing a successful speaking program provides huge value to communications programs across the board - from brand building and customer acquisition to thought leadership and media relations.

S3 – Strategic Speaker Services, Inc. offers clients the opportunity to convey their key messages and points of view to their most desirable audiences worldwide. S3 researches, submits and confirms effective speaking engagements for executives that are high profile, targeted and newsworthy and where executives are recognized as the experts in the industry. We also identify innovative new venues that best meet client goals and strengthen messages and their reach by using a collaborative team approach to speaking engagements and traditional communications activities.

We think great speaking programs work best in sync with, not instead of, your overall marketing initiatives. We will partner with your existing team of marketing and communications professionals to develop executive visibility programs that deliver the very messages you work so hard to create and communicate. Creating executive visibility programs isn't just part of what we do, it's all we do.

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