Decades of experience creating executive visibility programs around the globe

Every program we create is customized to meet the business goals of our clients. We construct and manage comprehensive executive visibility programs to your specifications. Our services include:

Strategy Development

We rely on over five decades of experience to help you design the perfect executive visibility program to meet your needs. We work with you to:

  • Understand your specific goals and priorities.
  • Provide strategic counsel and guidance on industry trends and topics that demonstrate thought leadership and sets your brand apart
  • Create a program to fit seamlessly with the rest of your marketing communications plan.
  • Structure your program to scale – you can add new executives, departments, or divisions when the time is right.
  • Consistently identify ways to hone your executive visibility program to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Research & Analysis

The core value of the programs we offer comes down to the research we do. It starts with knowing our clients exceptionally well – what their business is, their ideal audience and key messaging objectives.

We work hard to maintain vital long-term business relationships with key event organizers to achieve our clients’ objectives.

From there we tap SpeakerBase™ our proprietary global conference database, thousands of records deep, that we constantly update as new conferences are announced across industries, corporate functions and regions.

Finally, we analyze what our speaker’s peers and competitors are doing on the speaking circuit to ensure nothing is missed.

The result is an ever evolving, ever growing strategic speaking road map designed to meet your specific speaking objectives.

Content Creation

We’ve been building world class speaking programs since 2001 and know what conference organizers want in an opportunity-winning speaking proposal. We first get to know each of your executives and their areas of focus through our specialized speaker onboarding process.

From there we provide strategic insight on hot topics, propose interesting story angles and then craft a message that illustrates thought leadership and resonates with conference organizers. These materials include enhanced speaker biographies, presentation abstracts and winning speaker pitches.

Program Execution

Once we work with you to design the perfect executive visibility plan, we execute it, freeing your internal resources to focus on other priorities. Here’s where the results happen. We start by leveraging our vast relationships with conference organizers to propose your speakers as keynotes, plenary session leaders or panelists.

Once we have secured a speaking engagement, we attend to every detail and meet every deadline to ensure the best speaking experience. We then work with your communications team to amplify speaking opportunities through broadcast, print and social media.

Opportunity Assessment

Many executives receive more unsolicited speaking invitations than they know what to do with, especially once they start speaking regularly. It can be a real time drain to analyze each of these to determine if they are worthy of your consideration. Throw them over to us.

We’ll provide a detailed assessment of the opportunity and recommend whether the speaker should take the inbound opportunity or not. And, if together we decide it is an opportunity worth pursuing, S3 will manage the speaking engagement from beginning to end.

Measurement & Reporting

An important component of any successful executive visibility effort is the set of program reviews, evaluations, and feedback enabling the program to improve and grow.

We track, measure and report all our results and provide a quarterly report so you always know where the program stands and the return you are getting on your speaking investment.

And we constantly look for ways to enhance your speaking program. We work with you to determine what’s working, and what needs to change. A successful executive visibility program is a process of continuous improvement.