Global influence, regional impact
"I have had the opportunity to work S3 on numerous occasions- and each time it has been nothing but an absolute personal pleasure and a professional success. I am often in a situation where the market is demanding to hear about very specific topics that only certain executives would be qualified to address. S3 is always able to recommend speakers that are uniquely able to cover these needs, all the while making the process incredibly seamless. I would very confidently recommend them to anyone. "
- Conference Director, Institute for International Research (IIR)


The core value of the programs we offer comes down to the research we do.  It starts with knowing our clients exceptionally well – what their business is, their ideal audience and key messaging objectives.  From there it moves into understanding and constantly staying ahead of the curve on newly produced global conferences and consistently maintaining vital business relationships with key event organizers to achieve our clients’ objectives.

Our Research services include:
  • Conference/event research for speaking
    • Analysis and strategy
  • Competitive analysis- where they are speaking and what they are speaking about
  • Market database development
  • Research venues and create a listing of premier conferences  by vertical industry and geographical regions

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