How AI will Change the Conference Industry

There is a huge amount of attention (hype?) currently about Generative AI models like ChatGPT.  Technology enthusiasts are saying this type of technology will change virtually every industry and business.

Staying Relevant in the Great 2020 Conference Shift

In 2020, huge changes took place on a global scale. If you’re a thought leader and you’re hoping to earn a speaking opportunity at a major conference, it is critical to ensure that your discussion topic correlates to the macro trends being discussed at conferences.

Finding the Best Virtual Conferences

The shift to virtual conferences has made it easier for thought leaders to present. The hurdles of huge time commitments with cumbersome travel has been alleviated and the advent of more but shorter events has created a plethora of new opportunities to speak. Conference producers are now creating more conferences than ever.  But, this doesn’t…

The Pivot to Virtual Conferences

Not too long ago conferences were an amazing way to meet, learn about, and enjoy virtually any topic. The pandemic has changed the conference universe radically, at least for the time being.

Speaking as One Part of the Marcom Mix

The holy grail of marketing communications is finding the right mix of activities to convey the right message to the right audience all within a set budget.

What is Thought Leadership?

Thought leadership. You see this term all the time, especially when considering speaking at conferences. But what exactly is thought leadership?